Inside our minds

We require 30-80% fewer ingredients. Our technology allows us to substitute malt with upcycled,
unsold bread. Starch is starch, and bread is one of the most wasted food items in the world. We
estimate that if all wasted baked goods in Denmark were collected and upcycled, they could fulfill
the entire national beer demand.

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The Impact

Our food system (all people, animals, and the infrastructure that feed us) is struggling and it's time to be open and transparent about it. As craft beverage producers, we believe that sharing our struggles and learnings is the first step towards a fair and great-tasting future.

We do not hold all the answers ourselves, instead, we are curious: to listen, to learn, to adopt and adapt best practices. And, as we grow and strive to become the most responsible craft brewery, to innovate.

Unleash Diversity

We cannot talk about sustainability, communities, raw ingredients, and beer diversity without including people from different walks of life. The beer industry is still very monolithic.

On our side, we are deeply listening and learning about the role diversity plays, and how we can have not only a green transition but also a transition into more diverse workplaces and a more inclusive society.