The Lab

Experience THE LAB at BRØL. Your gateway to collaboration, private label and unique brews, and partnerships. Contact us to schedule your visit.

Lets create a new world together!

Flavour, thoughtfulnes and relationships

A space for unique collabs.

In The Lab, we open the doors to a world of opportunities for our B2B clients and collaboration partners.

Looking to create something truly unique?

Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the process of collaborating on exciting projects.

Want to sell BRØL?

Looking to add something special to your store or make your customers never forget you? Come visit us and gain access to a selection of brews that will elevate your restaurant, bar, festivals, stores and events.

When you choose BRØL craft beer, you're choosing quality and innovation, and join a growing circular living community.

Your own beverage menu?

Too many times we see food places putting all the passion and love to design their menus, yet when it comes to beverages it falls short and everyone ends up with pretty much with the same selection.

Get in touch with us and explore if your business size enables you to have your own private beverages or white label. We are very flexible in batch sizes and alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Try us out!

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