Everything is always about people.
The experiences and impact we create are a result of our thoughts, intentions, and actions. And sometimes chance, too.

PART ONE: Saimon

Saimon's story starts back in 2000, on the streets of Klaipeda, full of possibilities and adventure. Always mashing things together and creating something sparked his spirit of DIY and innovation.

With time, these interests came to define his life and career, influencing his passions and the projects he pursued: working in professional kitchens, designing offshore wind turbines, building communities (such as Foodsharing Copenhagen), and creating music.

These converging paths sparked the idea for BRØL.

BRØL is a junction of gastronomy, engineering & science, community, fun, fermentation, and beverages, powered by curious, amazing people.

in 2017, when Saimon was coordinating the redistribution of surplus food in Copenhagen, bread was really overwhelming operations, which made him look for solutions. He became a chef and a brewer and started experimenting. After a while, it became apparent that no matter how flavor-diverse the craft beer industry is, it has really big shortcomings when it comes to responsible production and sustainability, and there is a lot of room for innovation and improvement.

Upcycling unsold bread to craft beer was not going to be enough, so he began to focus on a more holistic approach. After some years, together with partner-in-passion and new co-founder Micheal Podevin, BRØL emerged as a circular business model, a circular brewery, and a food tech startup: exploring the flavor and tech-driven positive impact in the food and beverage industry, with an ongoing R&D (research and development) side.

Excellent time for Niels to join as a partner and help them scale up their solution, building a hybrid brewery in Copenhagen.

  • Past and Current Advisory Board and Mentors

    We are grateful for the input, knowledge, support, experience, feedback, and insights we have received from so many passionate people along the way. Thank you to everyone, including family, friends, and professionals, who has been a part of our journey to ensure a brighter future.

    Current Advisory Board Members

    Jesper Efferbach

    Carl Illum

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