About Us

BRØL stands for ROAR and we roar for #business_activism and #circularity. We know that products we all buy affect us and our environment. We believe that every product and service in the modern society should be designed and sold with circularity in mind.

Our Story

BRØL is a fiercely independent beverage innovators that’s empowering individuals to fight food waste – one sip at a time. Currently on the market our sustainably crafted products are made with fresh unsold sourdough bread, rye bread, spent coffee grains, fruit and veggie pulps, rice, pastries, bananas, pineapples, kiwis etc etc. Provided by selected Danish producers.
We transform this surplus produce into intense, flavor-packed beers, giving our drinkers a deliciously simple way to tackle a truly global issue.
Our mission does not stop with beer nor with food wastage, we are about using surplus ingredients from food system and nature and transforming it into delicious beverages.

Disruptive Nature

We emerged among a community of Copenhagen’s activists and environmental innovators in 2017. Operating at the grass roots level, we created hands-on solutions that targeted major excesses in the city’s food production. But it wasn’t long before we realized that our efforts to redistribute surplus fruit and veg’ could also incorporate more intuitive forms of up-cycling. And with this in mind, we set about examining how we could revolutionize the country’s most loved drinks starting with beer.