Hej there, curious reader - Saimon here.

True to be told my and our BRØL story goes back to 2000 in the empty and full of possibilities and adventure streets of Lithuania, sea city Klaipeda. As long as I remember I was mashing things together, creating things from nothing to everything I desired and imagined. DIY followed by innovation at its best!

Now looking a couple of decades back, it's evident that it has been the backbone of my lifestyle and carrier so far. It rippled through my passions and multiple projects from professional kitchens to designing offshore wind turbines, from building communities to creating music and designing the Copenhagen's food system. Until all came together as the latest creation BRØL. It is the junction of it all - gastronomy, engineering & science, community, fun, fermentation, and beverages, where I am surrounded by the most curious and amazing people you can find.

BRØL began from an interesting place in 2017. At that point, I was surrounded by tonnes of surplus food on a daily basis, since in Copenhagen we were coordinating and organizing redistribution of surplus from retail and wholesale to people in need. Amongst the amounts of veggies and fruits, bread was really overwhelming our operations to the point where I started thinking about possible solutions. And just like that a chef, a brewer was awoken inside me, and experimentation began. Initial results were great and we received positive feedback and decided to double down on the idea of upcycling unsold bread to craft beer. After months of gaining brewing experience and studying the brewing industry, I realized that no matter how flavor diverse the craft beer industry is, it has really big shortcomings when it comes to responsible production and sustainability, and there is a lot of room for innovation and improvement. I understood that only upcycling unsold bread to craft beer was not going to cut and began to focus on a more holistic approach.

Years forward and after finding a new partner in passion Mike Podevin, BRØL emerged as a circular business model, a circular brewery, and a food tech startup with a focus on circular solutions. Since then we have been hard working with R&D and different innovation programs and exploring the flavor and tech-driven positive impact in the food and beverage industry. Months later Niels joined as a partner and in addition to lots of support, enabled us to scale up our solution and build out a hybrid brewery in Copenhagen.

Feeling blissful. Lots accomplished and more to come!

Saimon Skurichin,
2023, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Mike Podevin

    CTO & Co-founder

  • Nelly Strom

    Head Brewer

  • Saimon Skurichin

    CEO & Founder

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  • Niels Pretzmann

    Partner, supporter, innovation enabler, well rounded and seasoned entrepeneur.

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  • Past and Current Advisory Board and Mentors

    We are gratefull for amount of input, knowledge, support, experience, feedback and insights we have received from so many passionate people along the way. We would need an extra website just to mention all experts, family and friends and professionals who joined and are part of our journey to make sure there is a brighter future.