Hemp Ale & Porter - Urban Explorer Collaboration Release

Hemp Ale & Porter - Urban Explorer Collaboration Release

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We are celebrating HOME. Places where we feel safe and loved. Places that make us and we make them. It is a continues cycle of change towards something that makes as more comfortable, places where you can be yourself with a least of judgment.

Some find this feeling between walls of our homes, others see themselves as part of urban fabric - streets, benches, old and modern buildings. All that allows us to observe and appreciate spaces we inhabit, dream of different spaces in case current ones deprive us from feeling loved.

HOME is everything. In collaboration with architect and urban adventurer Urban Explorer we are releasing two bottles:    

Abstract Link Between Us - a dark rich porter that tells story of relationship we have with ourselves and spaces that surround us. It is not common to always analyze and access our environment, more like it comes to us a subconscious and abstract feeling and then we know if the space around you makes you happy, confused or else.

Vibrations of Industrial Past - we developed this session ale recipe so in the beginning you get confused identifying what's happening, while a moment later herbal and malty flavors introduce you with a feeling of similarity and brings lot of sentimental, herbal aftertastes. It is a tribute to all that has been alive and buzzing with human life, yet it is no more. It is more of an industrial past ghost that has been transformed into different kind of life - the most basic and beautiful form - nature.

Francois from Urban Explorer  thinking about HOME:

"I must admit that for me HOME is not represented by a place, but rather by a feeling... It's definitely not a question of borders and territories. With this definition, I can say that I feel home in several places in the world, and most of them are open public spaces.

This feeling is naturally connected to the atmosphere, the smell, the memories and most importantly the history of these places.

For instance, I simply love when I can feel the vibration of an industrial past, or of any other former activity of a place. The development of our cities is going so fast that we sometimes forget to look at the past and to protect our cultural heritage. I can't feel home in a place where I don't see any link between the present and the past.

I am convinced that we need more connection with our roots to feel home today. I really don't feel it in the majority of the newly built districts that are popping up all over our cities, simply because they have demolished the real identity of these territories. And the big contradiction is that these new districts are suffering from a lack of identity...

HOME is where I am feeling this abstract link between the place and me as a human being. It can only exist if it's not built with non sense and blindness. It's the role of the institutions, the urban planners, the architects and also our role as population to guide the developers in this way."