Middle Finger Beer

Passionate about brewing? Love those hops and malts and juicy, fresh beers? Want to be part and lead the change within brewing, drink and food industry in Denmark?!

Then time is ripe for you! Take that middle finger of yours out and show it loudly and proudly.

Middle Finger Beer (MFB)

The project is about social brewing. All of us coming together and creating outstanding beers that will the flood the market! It's about standing up to monopoly and exclusive deals, inspire with taste and sustainability. Its about brewing an irresistibly amazingly tasting organic and circular beer that will be as affordable as any other conventional beer. We will make it easy for beer drinkers to choose Middle Finger Beer. And of course we will sneak in that damn sustainability. All this is possible only having fun together.


BRØL is opening up the brewery to people, so we can get together and develop, design, brew and market the hell out of the Middle Finger Beer!
We need team to take care of design, brewing and sales. Some will be lead, some will be helpers and learners, but make no mistake everyone will have to clean! 90% of brewing is powered by cleanliness and if you hang up about being tidy and orderly, then join our movement! 
Sunday at BRØL will be open house. For development and brewing.
Learn more about opportunities and register HERE
Due to Covid19 we start with building community and registrations and once we allowed to get together the real fun & work will BEGIN.
Estimated - MARCH 7th