Sweet Pastry Stout 5.7%

Sweet Pastry Stout 5.7%

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Sweet Pastry Stout 5.7% – rich, creamy, sweet dessert and beer in one.
No freaking pastry left behind! So much love, passion and experience goes into mastering and making pastries.
To celebrate sweetness, cacophony of spices and chocolates in the pastries we created this dessert and beer in one.
Brewing this beer is sticky as hell and very chocolaty, coffee and roasty .

Sweet Pastry Stout 5.7% is born from our continues collaboration with @jalmogb bakery.

ABV: IBU: OG: SIZE: Available:
5.7% 80 1078 33cl All Year


Sea sweetness’ of crab, calamari, clams or scallops. Fruity desserts, blackberry and fig tarts or homemade ice-cream, milkshakes and cocktails. Grilled veggies and game meet with sweeter and nutty sauces.