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Blue Whale

 Coastal Kombucha and Blue whale Story.   It was a spring day and my face stung from the sharp cold as I huffed my way to the top of a ridge looking out over the sea. The waves were pumping – but not too much because this spot could get too big, too rough for me. We were on the Slow Coast, a wild stretch of the California coast where things were a little less connected, a little rougher. People preferred spotty cell service, intermittent internet connection, and a lot of open space, essentially the freedom to be wild and roam a bit in this land.  Life on the Slow Coast is, well, slower, like a little pause in the...

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Lian's Life Story

  Cherry Kombucha and Lian's Life Story.   It has been 75 years since my journey through the hills and valleys of this world began. It has been a journey bursting with a wealth of experience. Let me take you to where it all began. My entry into Mother Earth was dramatic. It was at a time when the world was in a state of upheaval, as I was born a month before the 2nd World War officially ended in August 1945.I remember being told that my mother was very ill with malaria when she was about to give birth to me. My poor mother; she went through a life-threatening ordeal. And when I was born, I am told that...

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Maddi's Burning Man Story

Playa Kombucha and Maddi's Burning Man Story. What is this? So different, bright and welcoming that it’s making me doing snow angels in the dust, half naked, in the middle of the desert. Is that an alkali dust storm? The microscopic particles are so fine and soft, but shit, it’s everywhere. Just a sec, I need to put on my goggles and bandana. Just before, I could see two hundred meters ahead, now we’re talking about two. So, I’m here, only, with the purpose of creating, enjoying and exploring, of meeting people, to relax and to get closer; of achieving a deeper understanding of myself and to experience something new all the while expanding my view; to become enlightened and...

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