Maddi's Burning Man Story

Maddi's Burning Man Story

Playa Kombucha and Maddi's Burning Man Story.

What is this? So different, bright and welcoming that it’s making me doing snow angels in the dust, half naked, in the middle of the desert. Is that an alkali dust storm? The microscopic particles are so fine and soft, but shit, it’s everywhere. Just a sec, I need to put on my goggles and bandana. Just before, I could see two hundred meters ahead, now we’re talking about two.

So, I’m here, only, with the purpose of creating, enjoying and exploring, of meeting people, to relax and to get closer; of achieving a deeper understanding of myself and to experience something new all the while expanding my view; to become enlightened and maybe even to understand the meaning of everything and nothing.  I’m simply experimenting.

WOW! Is that a gigantic sculpture that looks like a man? And it’s being burned to the ground on Saturday? It’s all beyond my wildest imagination, and I’m smiling so much it hurts right now. And people are being awesome! Helping out at all times, caring for each other, creating a wild energy, making the impossible possible, sharing food, and giving gifts to one another - and there’s no money involved at all, only sharing and 10 practical principles to live by. And everyone is collecting moop! What an amazing and overwhelming feeling that I'm experiencing right now. I never knew that a community could be like this.

To the happy childhood I never had, I’m having it now. Everything has changed and I’m ever going back. The Playa really exists, it provided and it’s so tricky yet beautiful at the same time. I've evolved. Thank you.

- Maddi

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